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Boy, this seems to be the hot topic of the month with leading up to The Olympic Games in Russia.  Seems that the whole population of America wants to go to war with Putin and Russia over the torture and jailing of members of the LBGT community.  I have posted my comments on news articles about leaving the LBGT politics out of the games on a few occasions, just to get bombarded with hate replies and such. My two cents were only about just leaving the games out of the agenda or leaving the agenda out of the games.  Seems everyone forgets that Jesse Owens was a significant leader and role model for African-Americans during the 1936 Berlin games when Hitler was in charge.  Well, everyone wanted the US to boycott the games over the ideals that Hitler represented. The games went on because the head of the Olympic Committee, Avery Brundage, basically said politics does not belong in the Games.  The US went on to compete and Jesse Owens became part of history.  It’s funny how this African-American was allowed to dorm with all of the white athletes while over in Germany, while in America the “Whites Only” signs were still part of the every day landscape.

It is wonderful how America has no problem with pointing out the faults of other nations, while our own country has all the same issues. The number of states with anti-gay laws outnumber the states that have anti-discrimination laws. The noise being made about boycotting The Olympics is so much louder than the noise boycotting anything that comes out of Texas or Utah or any of the 29 states with anti-gay laws.

Deputy Akexey Zhuravlev drafted a bill to remove children from gay parents. He is basing his “facts” on a study out of The University of Texas:

“In the documents attached to the bill, Zhuravlev referred not to personal monitoring, but to research conducted by Mark Regnerus, an associate professor at the University of Texas in Austin. Regnerus claims that the children of people who have homosexual relations are less likely to call themselves ‘fully straight’ than the children of heterosexual parents (60-70 percent against 90 percent).”

“In addition, Regnerus claims that children of homosexual parents demonstrated three times the incidences of VD (25 percent against 8 percent), five times greater suicidal tendencies (25 percent against 5 percent) and three times the level of “inability to remain faithful to partners” (40 percent against 13 percent).”

So, basically this is a Russian version of a Texas Republican submitting bills with hopes of becoming a law? This does all sound remarkable familiar, doesn’t it? The bill was shot down.

“Olga Batalina, deputy head of the State Duma Committee for Family and Children, told Kommersant daily that instead of investing new reasons to break families the deputy should think more about how to keep children with their parents. Batalina also noted that Russia only recognizes traditional marriage and all other types of relationships are outside the legal sphere, and thus cannot be regulated by the state.”

Yes, same-sex marriages are not recognized in Russia, but that is no different from what we have here in a lot of the states here in America. Now, digging up the translated text of the actual laws in Russia has to be read with a disclaimer. Most of the “actual law” translations are found on sites that have an agenda. I viewed multiple sites to make sure there was consistency through translations.

The law is to prevent ” homosexual propaganda” being disseminated to minors. The law DOESN’T say “round-up all the gays and torture and kill them.” It doesn’t even leave itself open for interpretation of any sort of such acts. The violence being directed at LBGT folks in Russia is the same racist mindset that we could find in the southern states of America. It is racists that are causing the issues with hate crimes…the same in Russia as what we have here in the states. The law consists of fines for dissemination of “propaganda” to minors. As with all laws, they are written for interpretation that allow lawyers to dance around in court rooms and find loop holes. My interpretation of this law is that Russia does not want children to be pushed with anything having to do with LBGT issues. According to all of the experts here in America, “your born being gay or straight or bi,” then so be it. A child will know who they are as they grow. I don’t think you will be seeing the Russian version of a Disney show on TV where there are 2 moms or 2 dads in the future, but at the same time a child should be allowed to be a child and develop into their own person.  That is where the real debate is.

Just because I do no not believe in the whole religious thing and that the bible is the word of God and should dictate how we should live our lives, doesn’t mean that as a parent, I should dictate my daughter’s beliefs. My daughter doesn’t know or understand what sex is in any format, same-sex or straight sex. She has watched the 2 moms episode of the Disney show. She has watched episodes of Glee. She has met my lesbian co-worker and I introduced my daughter to her wife…as “her wife.” She understands the concept of having 2 moms and 2 dads, she is just too young to grasp the sexuality of it. That is something she needs to explore on her own as she grows up and (…shutter…) explores her own sexuality. (BTW, I shutter at the thought of my little girl growing up, not at her decision to explore straight or lesbian sex) My daughter has experienced church services. I don’t dictate that she has to be a non-believer like myself. If she asks questions, then I try to answer them in a neutral manner and leave it open for her to decide. Why is it that we don’t throw a hissy fit when parents get an infants ears pierced? Your leaving it as the child has no choice in the matter. I am no religion expert, but there are religions that forbid tattoos and piercings.  Now, if this child grows up and wants to be part of a certain religion, she can’t because her parents mutilated her ears as an infant. Piercing her ears is another thing we left for my daughter to make her own decision on.

Getting back to the Russian laws on LBGT issues. In 1999, was declassified as a mental illness. The age of consent for same-sex and hetero-sex has been the same since 2003. Homosexuality was legalized in 1993. So, to sit back and declare some sort of human rights disaster in Russia over LBGT issue would be sort of….wrong. What we are seeing in the news are acts of hate crimes being highlighted by The Olympics and our own spread of anti-Russia “propaganda” from American journalism.

What we see is a snowball effect of an issue that turned into an international “crisis.” This can be seen as a rumor effect. Something is said or done and it goes on and on and on and on until it becomes front page news and is a twisted version of the truth. Never mind that it is fueled by America’s love of hating all things Russian. America is a nation of bandwagon jumpers. When there is an “issue”, it seems like no one really digs deep to find the real truth behind it. They want to be part of the cause. How many people put themselves involved with 911, Occupy Wall Street and the marathon bombings…and were not even actually part of it.  Occupy Wall Street had the right idea, but unfortunately there were too many that felt that they needed to “be part of something” that they didn’t understand…and in the end it just turned into a dirty hippy pot smoking love fest. The actual agenda was lost.

In the end, we understand that there are issues going on in other countries that we may not like. There is a GLOBAL issue of discrimination against the LBGT community and women’s rights and as the world grows and the younger generation becomes the older generation…these issues will no longer be issues. How many years ago did America think it was OK to own slaves? How many years ago did America ban some from voting? It’s a tough battle, but these issues find a way to work out. The original Olympics banned women from even ATTENDING the games.  Look where we are now.  Things don’t happen overnight…it’s called progress and we as a world ARE moving forward…just not at the rate at which the RADICAL agenda minions want.

“Olympic Games should not reflect political views, but rather should be strictly a contest of the greatest athletes.”  (unknown/can not confirm)

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