Boy, this seems to be the hot topic of the month with leading up to The Olympic Games in Russia.  Seems that the whole population of America wants to go to war with Putin and Russia over the torture and jailing of members of the LBGT community.  I have posted my comments on news articles about leaving the LBGT politics out of the games on a few occasions, just to get bombarded with hate replies and such. My two cents were only about just leaving the games out of the agenda or leaving the agenda out of the games.  Seems everyone forgets that Jesse Owens was a significant leader and role model for African-Americans during the 1936 Berlin games when Hitler was in charge.  Well, everyone wanted the US to boycott the games over the ideals that Hitler represented. The games went on because the head of the Olympic Committee, Avery Brundage, basically said politics does not belong in the Games.  The US went on to compete and Jesse Owens became part of history.  It’s funny how this African-American was allowed to dorm with all of the white athletes while over in Germany, while in America the “Whites Only” signs were still part of the every day landscape.

It is wonderful how America has no problem with pointing out the faults of other nations, while our own country has all the same issues. The number of states with anti-gay laws outnumber the states that have anti-discrimination laws. The noise being made about boycotting The Olympics is so much louder than the noise boycotting anything that comes out of Texas or Utah or any of the 29 states with anti-gay laws.

Deputy Akexey Zhuravlev drafted a bill to remove children from gay parents. He is basing his “facts” on a study out of The University of Texas:

“In the documents attached to the bill, Zhuravlev referred not to personal monitoring, but to research conducted by Mark Regnerus, an associate professor at the University of Texas in Austin. Regnerus claims that the children of people who have homosexual relations are less likely to call themselves ‘fully straight’ than the children of heterosexual parents (60-70 percent against 90 percent).”

“In addition, Regnerus claims that children of homosexual parents demonstrated three times the incidences of VD (25 percent against 8 percent), five times greater suicidal tendencies (25 percent against 5 percent) and three times the level of “inability to remain faithful to partners” (40 percent against 13 percent).”

So, basically this is a Russian version of a Texas Republican submitting bills with hopes of becoming a law? This does all sound remarkable familiar, doesn’t it? The bill was shot down.

“Olga Batalina, deputy head of the State Duma Committee for Family and Children, told Kommersant daily that instead of investing new reasons to break families the deputy should think more about how to keep children with their parents. Batalina also noted that Russia only recognizes traditional marriage and all other types of relationships are outside the legal sphere, and thus cannot be regulated by the state.”

Yes, same-sex marriages are not recognized in Russia, but that is no different from what we have here in a lot of the states here in America. Now, digging up the translated text of the actual laws in Russia has to be read with a disclaimer. Most of the “actual law” translations are found on sites that have an agenda. I viewed multiple sites to make sure there was consistency through translations.

The law is to prevent ” homosexual propaganda” being disseminated to minors. The law DOESN’T say “round-up all the gays and torture and kill them.” It doesn’t even leave itself open for interpretation of any sort of such acts. The violence being directed at LBGT folks in Russia is the same racist mindset that we could find in the southern states of America. It is racists that are causing the issues with hate crimes…the same in Russia as what we have here in the states. The law consists of fines for dissemination of “propaganda” to minors. As with all laws, they are written for interpretation that allow lawyers to dance around in court rooms and find loop holes. My interpretation of this law is that Russia does not want children to be pushed with anything having to do with LBGT issues. According to all of the experts here in America, “your born being gay or straight or bi,” then so be it. A child will know who they are as they grow. I don’t think you will be seeing the Russian version of a Disney show on TV where there are 2 moms or 2 dads in the future, but at the same time a child should be allowed to be a child and develop into their own person.  That is where the real debate is.

Just because I do no not believe in the whole religious thing and that the bible is the word of God and should dictate how we should live our lives, doesn’t mean that as a parent, I should dictate my daughter’s beliefs. My daughter doesn’t know or understand what sex is in any format, same-sex or straight sex. She has watched the 2 moms episode of the Disney show. She has watched episodes of Glee. She has met my lesbian co-worker and I introduced my daughter to her wife…as “her wife.” She understands the concept of having 2 moms and 2 dads, she is just too young to grasp the sexuality of it. That is something she needs to explore on her own as she grows up and (…shutter…) explores her own sexuality. (BTW, I shutter at the thought of my little girl growing up, not at her decision to explore straight or lesbian sex) My daughter has experienced church services. I don’t dictate that she has to be a non-believer like myself. If she asks questions, then I try to answer them in a neutral manner and leave it open for her to decide. Why is it that we don’t throw a hissy fit when parents get an infants ears pierced? Your leaving it as the child has no choice in the matter. I am no religion expert, but there are religions that forbid tattoos and piercings.  Now, if this child grows up and wants to be part of a certain religion, she can’t because her parents mutilated her ears as an infant. Piercing her ears is another thing we left for my daughter to make her own decision on.

Getting back to the Russian laws on LBGT issues. In 1999, was declassified as a mental illness. The age of consent for same-sex and hetero-sex has been the same since 2003. Homosexuality was legalized in 1993. So, to sit back and declare some sort of human rights disaster in Russia over LBGT issue would be sort of….wrong. What we are seeing in the news are acts of hate crimes being highlighted by The Olympics and our own spread of anti-Russia “propaganda” from American journalism.

What we see is a snowball effect of an issue that turned into an international “crisis.” This can be seen as a rumor effect. Something is said or done and it goes on and on and on and on until it becomes front page news and is a twisted version of the truth. Never mind that it is fueled by America’s love of hating all things Russian. America is a nation of bandwagon jumpers. When there is an “issue”, it seems like no one really digs deep to find the real truth behind it. They want to be part of the cause. How many people put themselves involved with 911, Occupy Wall Street and the marathon bombings…and were not even actually part of it.  Occupy Wall Street had the right idea, but unfortunately there were too many that felt that they needed to “be part of something” that they didn’t understand…and in the end it just turned into a dirty hippy pot smoking love fest. The actual agenda was lost.

In the end, we understand that there are issues going on in other countries that we may not like. There is a GLOBAL issue of discrimination against the LBGT community and women’s rights and as the world grows and the younger generation becomes the older generation…these issues will no longer be issues. How many years ago did America think it was OK to own slaves? How many years ago did America ban some from voting? It’s a tough battle, but these issues find a way to work out. The original Olympics banned women from even ATTENDING the games.  Look where we are now.  Things don’t happen overnight…it’s called progress and we as a world ARE moving forward…just not at the rate at which the RADICAL agenda minions want.

“Olympic Games should not reflect political views, but rather should be strictly a contest of the greatest athletes.”  (unknown/can not confirm)

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Thank you

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While I may not have put a whole lot of effort into this page, it is a goal to do better as time goes on. Some days it is easy to find motivation to sit and write about something, while other days it seems like a chore. I did find it fascinating to see the tab that shows “views from around the globe.”  It breaks down how many views the page gets from various countries. While I don’t get many comments, either good or bad, it is great to see where in the world someone has looked at the page.

I am always open for comments, questions or even a debate about anything. I am open to listen your side or view, so feel free. For those outside of the United States, I am all to eager to hear from you. I am open to hear what the world has to say about the US. I am also interested to learn about your part of the world.

To those 300 and something people from around the world who at least viewed this page, I want to say thank you. I also invite you to make it interactive…or at least say hello.

As I was on the treadmill this morning, headphones in my ears and playing some of my favorite song; the TV caught my eyes. The news was on, with close caption, and there was a video of an interview between a reporter and a politician. The interview ended abruptly with the politician walking away, but the politician re-enters the screen and verbally threatens the reporter with bodily harm. Now, I have never really gave any care or thought about politics until the last year or two.  It comes down to the fact that politicians are just crooks.  You can’t trust them, you shouldn’t believe anything they say and they are thieves. This goes across both party lines…Republicans and Democrats. I sincerely try to get my news information for sources that cover both sides.  It is very clear that even news outlets are swayed to one side or the other, but again…I try to see things from both sides of the coin.

Now this is directed to Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY). You are an ELECTED official by the people of your area. Your obligations are to make decisions based on what the majority of the people in your area want. I was considered a town employee as a firefighter and had to sign an agreement not to accept gifts, and my Deputy Chief stated to me; “Do not even accept a free coffee at the donut shop, it’s not worth the hassle.”  I abided by those words of wisdom.  So here you are, Michael Grimm, being accused of something to do with your campaign finances and a local news reporter tries to ask you about it. So, what does this elected official do, you ask?

Does he say, “I cannot comment on that at this time.”? No

Does he explain the allegations against him? No

Does he end the interview in a huff and walk away? Sort of

Your highly educated, elected official that is supposed to represent the best interest of the majority of the people who elected him to do walks off in a huff then comes back and threatens the reporter. You are nothing more than a school yard bully, Michael Grimm. Your little temper tantrum, which you threw because you have probably done something illegal and now your being called out for it, was an embarrassment. Rep. Michael Grimm is nothing more the a jr. high punk.

Kudos to the reporter for backing off and not turning it into a fist fight. I am sure that the last thing the reporter wanted was to end his broadcast career with a fist fight. Me, I probably would have lost my career as I would not put up with that arrogance. Rest assured, Michael Grimm, that your over dramatic antics will fail one day when you come face to face with someone who will not put up with your silver spoon attitude. You work for the people, that means your accountable for your actions. What will happen when one of the people who voted to elect you asks the same question? Are you going to threaten them as well?

In all fairness, the Democrat side as their own issues as well. Our own Governor Deval Patrick is wrecking havoc with the state of Massachusetts. Deval Patrick think he is the President of Massachusetts and seems to forget that he is just the governor. It seems that every day, there is audio or video of absolute lunacy that is coming out of the Republican side.

Rep. Randy Weber (R-Texas), your little comment of “Kommandant-In-Chef” is a bit uncalled for.  This little game that the Republican party is playing is getting old and the people of this country are getting tired of it. You are wasting time and money with your “I won’t do anything for the President” mentality. Both sides need to step back and see how other countries are being run and fix the messes that you all are creating. Do you think that we are all blind to your racist, bible thumping agendas?  Have any of you actually read the constitution? We do not make laws based on the bible and there is supposed to be a separation of church and state.

It is just a matter of time before we have a revolt in this country. The Occupy Wall Street had the right idea, but the execution was terrible and was led by a majority of stoners which lead to more embarrassment than it did any good. The people of America will finally figure out that the government cannot run as they do with their lies, schemes and back room dealings. The people need to band together and peacefully relieve members of the government that is not doing the job that they were elected to do. The insanity of politics really needs to stop. The not working together because we have a black president or because we are being dictated by a book that is 2000 years old and never proven to be real. Politicians are contradictory in their actions; they want to dictate the lives of every American based on the bible, yet they can’t even hold true to their own beliefs.


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It is no secrete that I am a huge Olympics fan. More so in my younger years than I am now, primarily because I am against professional athletes being allowed to enter the games. The games have turned into a business-like atmosphere and a target for high-end commercials and advertising. Everything that surrounds the Olympics has to have a logo or a sponsor. The spirit of competition is gone. We will never have another Miracle on Ice again. Gone are the moments of Wilma Rudolph, Mary Lou Retton and Rulon Gardner beating the Russian giant. Obviously, not every sport has professionals competing, but the only the highlighted sports are shown during prime viewing hours. I love the sport of ice hockey. I also remember watching team USA beat the Russians back in 1980 as it happened. I have met Jim Craig and seen Mike Eruzione in my childhood. At my age of 43, Eruzione is still my biggest sports hero, not for the 1980 games, but ending his career on top with a gold medal. Winning the gold medal in the manner at which they did could never be overshadowed by a Stanley Cup. Those are the moments that are the spirit of the games, not the plastering of a Nike logo on as many products as you can find. I get the fact that athletes need sponsorship to assist in training. I understand that the non-professionals dedicate their lives to training for their one shot at a gold medal and the odds are stacked up against that one winner when the competition pool spans the globe; but it now has grown to epic corporate proportions. Greed.

The biggest issue at hand for the 2014 Sochi games seems to be Russian laws pertaining to LGBT rights. There are laws on the books over there that prevent same-sex marriages. As a human being in the 21st century, I think it doesn’t matter who marries who. I will support any of my friends or family who want have a same-sex relationship or wedding. I really think that it is absurd that we can not get our US government to cut the bullshit that they seem to do with tiptoeing around the issue. Not to turn this into another rant about government, but religious views do not belong in government agendas. End of story.

Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir, and out gay man, has basically gone on record to say that athletes should just go to the games and complete and forget the protesting and boycotting. The US LGBT public is in a tizzy because that since Weir is a gay man, then he should support the boycotts. Johnny Weir is a gay human, but his relationship with the Olympics is that of an athlete. I won’t pretend to know his stance on all things political or LGBT related, but I am sure that he supports same-sex rights here in the US. His recent “controversial” remarks are pretty much based on his role as an athlete in the Olympic games. That athletes should attend and compete in the games as athletes and not go there thinking that they can change the rules in Russia.

The problem with the US, and I am pretty sure this is becoming the common thinking from citizens around the world; is that Americans think they should make the rules globally. If people spent half the energy on issues here in the US as being spent on other nations or other cultures issues, we might actually accomplish something. Fix what we have here first.  There is a reason why America is not the super nation that it once was, it is because we waste time on issues that do not matter within our own perimeter. There are other countries that have a better economy, better education system (MUCH better), better healthcare and better government. Whatever it is that they are doing they are doing right and it works for their people.

Let me put it into a better analogy that maybe some can understand.  You would not walk in to someone else’s house and start re-arranging the furniture just because you don’t like the way it is set up. Then don’t go to another country and start being a jackass just because you don’t like their rules.

And take the professionals out of the game.

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Heathcare costs perspective

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The huge issue going on with our government right now is the hot topic of affordable care for everyone. The law passed to make it mandatory that everyone have health insurance. This is to help people who can’t afford health insurance or who have been turned down because of a pre-existing condition. The concept is something that needs to happen for many reasons, that is obvious. There are many countries that have government-run health care. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Denmark…the list goes on. There are various forms of universal healthcare all around the world.  And some of these healthcare systems are actually working. granted, there are some glitches and quirks. Apparently, the big thing is the wait time for procedures.  We are a bit spoiled as Americans, when we want something…we want it a week ago and with no questions asked.

The healthcare in America is skyrocketing through the roof and everyone is blind as to why. First off, people are too stupid to go to CVS for a bottle of motrin that cost $5 to take care of a fever or headache. They would rather cry and run to the ER and pay $15 per pill…or better yet, call an ambulance for their child with a fever to go to the ER to get a dose of motrin. An ambulance ride can cost anywhere from $500 to $2000 depending on the type of emergency. Now add-on the ER charges and the dose of motrin and you could easily be up in the $3000+ area.

I have seen first hand the insanity of over-abuse of the EMS system that goes on within Massachusetts. I can’t really comment on other states, having not worked outside of MA. “Respond with the police to such and such address for a teen acting out of control.” We go to the home, the parent does not do the whole parenting job that they are supposed to do, then the kid gets taken to the hospital for a psych evaluation and then possible locked in a mental hospital with other kids that have parents who don’t want to do their jobs for 3-5 days. All of that costs money and then it falls into the lap of the insurance companies, which are private insurances or tax payer funded insurance companies. Multiply that by the 25 of just those calls alone that go on daily across the state and it all adds up. The other favorite that we respond to is the “sick person” calls. That is obviously an umbrella term that could cover a wide range of ailments from the crushing chest pain/acute heart attack to the sniffles. There are things like chest pain, diabetic emergencies and strokes that having an ambulance responding can actually save a person. But, while I am at someone’s house that has 3 cars in the driveway with 6 people who are capable of driving the person who has a cold, someone’s grandmother has just managed to push her life alert button for chest pain seconds before she went into cardiac arrest. Where do you think the ambulance would be best served? The reasons we get as to why an ambulance was called for the person with the stuffy nose? “If I go in by ambulance, then I will get seen faster.” No, you will not be seen faster. Just because 2 dopes in a uniform with a person moaning and groaning on a stretcher walks into the back door, does not qualify you the attention of a trauma alert. We tell the triage nurse that you have a cold and are being a bit over dramatic and you will most likely have a mask put over your face and sent out to sit among the others who were capable of driving themselves to the ER with the same ailment. Again…a waste of money and a waste of resources. This is not about complaining that we actually have to get off of our lazy asses and do something. People in EMS actually get excited to see a sick person. it means we get to do what we busted our asses in medic school for. Seeing actual sick patients are like trying to find a near extinct animal in the wild, you know that they exist but they are never seen.

Let me tell you, working a cardiac arrest can be physically and mentally exhausting. Not only during the actual call, but afterwards when your second guessing everything you did or what you could have done differently. I know ambulance companies will make a metric butt load of money picking up the drunk patients or the sad people or the ones who cannot handle a case of the sniffles…it all goes back to charging the insurance companies. The purpose of EMS is to provide life-sustaining/saving efforts pre-hospital…and we cannot do that if we have ambulances tied up with someone who feels sad and have their bags packed for a week-long visit to the loony bin. It is a waste of time and a waste of money for the insurance companies and the trickle down to people paying higher premiums and taxes. For the big cities who have a high homeless population where many of them are alcohol or drug abusers…they get taken to sober up at the hospital multiple times a day. Again…we pay for this with higher premiums or with our taxes.

While there is a big debate over the affordable healthcare or Obamacare or universal healthcare or whatever you want to call it…we are causing the problem ourselves and it has now come to the point where it can’t be fixed.


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So here we are, day “whatever” of the government shutdown. Workers furloughed, people not getting paid and Americans being pissed. The so-called Congress that was elected by the people to make sound decisions for the people has gone completely bat shit crazy. Each day that passes, we become more and more of a joke nation to the rest of the world.  America wants to attack Syria of the use of chemical weapons. I have seen the posted videos and it was pretty disturbing to see children foaming at the mouth and having seizures until they died. On the flip side, it is their own country and I am really not sure what political/financial interest we have in Syria, but was it our place to intervene? That talking point would always be up for debate, but the reality is that America was going to charge in like stormtroopers and turn Syria into a parking lot.  Everyone is arguing over the decision, blah…blah…blah. Out of the rubble comes a super hero, Captain America! No, wait…it was not an American that had common sense to find a resolution or negotiate. Captain Soviet Union!  The president of The Soviet Union steps up and, like a kick to the nuts of a bully, knocks America down a peg.  As if no one ever thought of it; “we will ask Syria to surrender their chemical weapons before we bomb them.” And as simple as that, Syria says, “OK, we will give them up.” America was divided on whether or not we should begin another war, having completely wrecked the country after “W” Bush had started a war in Iraq under false pretenses. The whole, “they have weapons of mass destruction” thing.

Now back to the shutdown thing.  Going back to the beginning, back in October of 2009, a bill was sent through to Congress. The bill was H.R.3590 and it was called “Service Members Home Ownership Tax Act of 2009.” The bill was 2500 pages of small font and triple spacing of government lawyer speak that one would need C-3PO to translate. (C-3PO is fluent in over 6 million forms of communication…for those who didn’t get the reference) These, “elected officials who make decisions for the American people” didn’t bother to read it at all. The bill passed through the house with a vote of 416-0. That means EVERYONE, both Democrats and Republicans voted for it. Then it went to the Senate and got the real name of “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” and got passed with a few amendments and then was signed into the law that everyone is fighting over.

Point number one, yes…it seems like it was kind of snuck through bundled into something that may have been a little misleading. Point number two, the Republicans didn’t really do their job and actually read it and now pissed because they got duped.  It is kind of like your mortal enemy making you a peanut butter sandwich, and you eat it without being suspicious and later find out it was a dog shit sandwich, then you really have no one to blame but yourself. Politics is a sleazy business and it is all about who can run the better scam and make it believable.

I have not read the entire contents of the Affordable care act, because it is like a million pages of complete boredom and would rather cuddle a porcupine.  From what I have seen on a side by side comparison against the same affordable care program that Romney started in Massachusetts…it looks just about the same.  Is it because the name at the bottom that signed it into law a Democrat and not a Republican that is causing this whole ruckus?

So now that the ACA has been in place since 2010, the Republicans are embarrassed for being dipped and has tried everything to get it overturned. The 50-something attempts of getting it overturned has not worked, now we will shut down the government until we get what we want. Congress still gets paid, but there are a lot of people who are not because of congressional embarrassment. Save face and punish the people, has now become the motto of the government. Back in March, John Boehner said in a taped interview that a clean bill needs to be passed to avoid shutdown…clean meaning to not defund Obamacare. Obviously, because the 50-something attempts to get it reversed didn’t work, so now the Republicans need to try something.

Democrats are the ones that will give a hug and a paycheck to those who don’t feel like working and to those who are sad and want to go on disability. The Republicans are the rich snobs that are religious lunatics who want to make it a law that Americans are not allowed to make personal choices.

Now we risk an economic crash possible worse than the one that “W” Bush caused just before he left office. Smart move…idiots. Why is there not 315 million people standing at the capitol building demanding that government officials are to be removed from their positions and replaced with people who want to work and make competent decisions for what is best for the American people? I am willing to bet that there are plenty of countries that have a financial interest/stake in all of this would support that.

To all those idiots in both parties…The citizens of these United States want you to get off of your high horses and quit the bullshit and get back to work. You all are an embarrassment, worldwide.


The Id

As I do almost every morning that I have a day off, I sit down with my coffee and maybe some breakfast and browse the online news. Every day that passes, there are fewer “feel good” stories and more horrific news and stupidity.  I cannot help but resort to quoting Adam Levine and hang my head and mumble “I hate this country.” I find myself in situations or reading something almost every day where I am completely embarrassed being an American. It seems like this country has become the drunk uncle that shows up at family gatherings and becomes so obnoxious that the police need to be called to haul him off to the drunk tank to sober up.

Lets start with twitter and its infinite source of ignorance and stupidity. I will go back to the quote of “I hate this country.” I know who Adam Levine is, a musician in a band and host of some music talent reality show. Maroon 5 or The Voice is not my cup of tea, but I am familiar with both. Apparently, Adam can be heard saying “I hate this country” during some vote off and it became some sort of firestorm of controversy in the press. In the online articles, one can scroll down to the comments section and browse through what the readers opinions are.  The opinions range from support, to political battles, to “kick him out of the country,” and to “people need to relax.”  The problem is that people just hear or read the words that are said and completely ignore the context at which they were said. he is a judge on a music reality show that has viewers voting on the outcome. I will come right out and say it; Americans are stupid and they will cast votes based primarily on shallow terms.  I may not watch The Voice, but I have seen plenty of reality shows that voting was left in the hands of phoned in votes from the American viewers and it is sad.  I honestly believe that Adam Levine made the comment out of frustration with American viewers and their voting as a popularity contest and not as an actual singing/performing contest.

Lena Dunham seems to be no stranger to twitter controversy. I have seen her name thrown around a lot over the past year or so, but I really don’t know who she is. I actually had to look her up to learn that she is an actress and filmmaker. She has won some awards for some TV show that she created, again not a show that I watch. Recently she tweeted, “Happy Memorial Day! I’ve already peed in two different Starbucks bathrooms!” HOLY SHIT, did people jump down her throat and get their panties in a twist of that tweet.  Somehow, her tweet of 11 words marked her as disrespecting soldiers who gave their lives for their country and she is un-American. Twitter allows for only 140 characters for a quick little shared posting to followers. The tweet she posted has 2 sentences for those lacking skills in the basic English language/composition.  Happy Memorial Day! and I’ve already peed in two different Starbucks bathrooms! Now, because public school education is such a complete mess, I will help educate on those little symbols at the end of each sentence. They are called exclamation points and they are usually used to complete a sentence. Exclamation points are usually after an interjection or to mark strong feeling or high volume. (definition from wiki) How on earth does those two sentences combined in a status update box of 140 characters make her un-American and disrespecting fallen soldiers?

One of my favorite pages to view how dumb the current generation is would be  I have no idea who runs this page, but it is fantastic to read and “people watch” of pure stupidity and ignorance. When the  media reports about “twitter backlash” and they post a gallery of screen shots of twitter posts, they usually black out or edit the person making the post. “Public Shaming” puts it right out there for the world to see that you may be a racist or a homophobe. By the way, white people should not be using the “N-word” and also the use of “sand N-word” is a pretty good indication ignorance as well. I grew up calling my friends a “fag” or a “homo” or a “retard,” it’s by no means an excuse, but it was widely used and tolerated back in the 80’s and early 90’s. I have grown up and matured and realize that it is disrespectful and no longer use those words. I NEVER use the N-word. My mother would have punched me right in the face.

Cheerios Commercial

Above is a link to a recent Cheerios commercial that is airing online. The Huffington Post had an article about this commercial. The commercial is about a mixed race family and eating Cheerios, but apparently we are still back in the 1930’s and should still have “whites only” signs everywhere. Seems to be a heated backlash about having a mixed race family in a breakfast commercial. I really have nothing else to say except that this mentality is down right stupid.

If I was an outsider looking in at American culture and my only source of information was the internet and social media, I would not find this place all that appealing to visit. It seems like all that we, as Americans, represent ourselves in our world-wide web foot print is drunks, bullies, racists, homophobes, cry babies, uneducated, without morals or ethics and ignorant.

Wake the hell up people and pull your own lives together. We are a complete embarrassment to outsiders.

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